Weird Machines including CNC Milling in Brisbane, Queensland

Weird Machine- One off ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Built by Napkin To Prototype Weird Machine- One off ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Built by Napkin To Prototype

Weird stuff machine and repairs including CNC Milling in Brisbane

Do you have something that's a bit on the weird side thats in need of some TLC, well thats what we do!

Doesn't matter if its old or new, a relic in need of restoration, or your favorite piece of machinery that is in need of repairs.  We can do all sorts of one off repairs. We can make parts that are either broken or missing. We can take something from your great grandpappys attic and tell you what it is. We can get it working or even a complete restoration.

On the other hand if you have a specific machine thats irreplacable in your line of work, that's in need of refurbishing, repairing or parts made for it, or you need to upgrade it to be slightly different, or faster or placed under electronic control to automate it, we are the one stop shop.

We can reverse engineer all types of mechanical equiptment to determine what it is supposed to do, then determine what its currently doing or not doing, then fill in the gaps to have it do what you want it to do.

These things are possible with all facets of mechanics, be it mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or any other type of mechanics except- that which is controlled by microprocessor or computer control. We are not software hackers. All process code is a protected trade secret and therefore not up for grabs. Any product that is manufactured and run by microprocessor, has had the "read" ability of the processor blocked so no one can copy their software.  Many companies will also buff any chip identification off any intergrated circuit chips on any boards. On  some simpler existing electronics, provided the board is running TTL or analog only parts ( no processors that are running code.) given an expected outcome, with a bit of reverse engineering, we can often guesstimate what a chip will be with reasonable results and therefore repair a board without any schematics or part numbers. We can however, produce new hardware/software packages to run your equipment.



Want to have the best Xmas display on the street this year, Halloween or just a yard ornament?  Perhaps you want something to make you stand out at the next fair or trade expo? We can animate your design, or design and make something for you to suit your requirements.  We can do as little as take your already completed display and give it some minimal repeating movement.

At the other end of the scale we can design and build full size computer controlled models with many different movements. We can use sensors to have an interactive display that has pre set reactions to certain events, or models that react to individual inputs from a remote operator.


Steam Punk

Have something in mind that is beyond your fabrication ability, we can help you out.


Small manufacturing equipment

We can build individual machines for small manufacturers. One off or limited number of all types of machines and tools. Simple tools such as templates to all types of fully automated production plant.



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