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Bazza Cooper Owner Bazza Cooper Owner

Bazza Cooper


"When I was 7 years old my parents immigrated to Australia. My dad was an electrician so we emigrated for the equivalent of a weeks wages.
Upon arriving in Australia, my mother started working at Weapons Research Establishment. She was an electronics wirer, that is, she soldered together circuit boards for the likes of Ikara missiles etc. 
She “brought” home components and let me play with them. By 9 years old I had a fairly good understanding of analog electronics and could design stuff from scratch. 

Throughout school, subjects that I was interested in just came to me without any effort at all. Subjects like English, social science, and geography I struggled with as I had no interest.
I finished year 12 math in year 8. Chem, and shop bored me, as it was all so elementary. The highlight of my week was always Wednesday night, My dad would take me to the library and I could check out another 7 books. 

I always wanted to be an Electronic Engineer, I had a passion for fishing. My parents split when I was 12 and I lived with my mom. There was never any money and the day I turned 15 I started looking for a part time job. 
As it turned out the garage at the end of my street was about to start opening on Sunday mornings, so I got a job pumping gas. I worked 2 weekends and the guy who owned the garage offered me an apprenticeship as a mechanic. 
I had zero interest i cars but I looked at it and decided that a bird in the hand!!!

In Australia a mechanic apprenticeship is 4 years. 
In my first year i learned that everyone in my college group was much older than me and had had a passion for cars for many years. I also learned that they were struggling with what I found was basic concepts. They only ever referred to me as Boxhead.

In my second year I won the award for the highest achieving apprentice in the whole of Australia. 

In the third year of my apprenticeship my boss handed me the workshop and said you’re in charge, You know more than I will ever know.
At the end of my fourth year, I had finished 10 years worth of college. Another year would see me finish every possible course available so the next year I had a night class every night of the week.

I raced cars, I built from scratch an lotus élan engine with variable cam timing, that was 9 years later called Vtek by Honda.
I built several other things that did not hit mainstream for many years.

I ran my own garage for a couple of years and decided to move on from the trade.

I intended to do some traveling so packed up my things and moved on.

Then a brick manufacturer called me up and said “We have heard about you and would like you to work for us. “
They had machinery that needed a total re design. I redesigned most of their plant and they got a gov. initiative grant and converted the kiln to run on alternative fuels. This saved them 30k per month. I was supposed to get the first 6 months savings . Of course didn’t happen. They patented the technology and I was  out of luck. 

Then another, then another then another company contacted me and had me either build from scratch or re design different machines to do what they needed. I never stayed more than the length of the challenge.

An interesting one was to build a plant to keep lobster alive then over a period of days send them into a state of ‘suspended animation” so they could be shipped to Hong Kong.

Then another entity wanted me to set up and run their race campaign for Bathurst. Bathurst is a one day 1000km race in Australia. We had a budget of $1 mill per year. In the 5 years we ran we had 2 did not finish because of collisions. The other 3 years we achieved first privateer home, beating many works teams. Always because of innovations that I invented.

Many other people then come out of the woodwork wanting me to run their teams.…

I have owned roof restoration companies, Fruit and vegetable stores, Ran maintenance for a bagel chain. I ran a steel fabrication shop and built the entire steel skeleton for a whole shopping center. I ran over 40 miles of mig welding wire on that project.
I was the trouble shooter for a property developer, I had 3 cell phones and would get 50 to 100 calls each day, Some were very trivial problems, others would have me make million dollar decisions on the spot.

I have had someone ask me to work for them for a couple of years just to explore alternative energy ideas.

The person in charge of NOAA’s R&D labs offered me a green card and a research job, all I would need to do is have an idea at least once every 24 months that was worth investigating!


I built every aspect of my own Wharram Catamaran and other boats from scratch and cruised along the East Coast of Australia.

I recently owned and operated a charter yacht in the Caribbean as Captain and Engineer ( I was the first person in the British Virgin Islands to obtain a Boat Masters Engineering ticket. I completed refits on yachts, coming in way under budget in time and expenses.  We had a long successful run in the yacht charter business and then relocated to Southern California.  This past summer we made the move back to Australia, and I brought along my wife and 3 cats :)   My wife also owns and runs a yacht charter brokerage, call H2O Trips and books guests on charter yachts all over the world including Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat.


I consulted on Richard Branson's Virgin underwater plane.

I built many solutions for underwater salvage and robotic cleaning systems for Cruise Ships.

I hold Journeyman ticketa in Marine Engineering, Motor Mechanics, Diesel Fitter, Auto Electrical, Transmission, Welding, Hydraulics/Pneumatics, Outboard Enginers, LP Gas Installation.


There is probably no piece of machinery I could not fix or improve.


As you can see, I have always had timelines and budgets to work to, its a part of running a business. Without them, and without the ability to meet them, everything falls apart.

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