Consulting on improving Industrial Machines and Equipment Consulting on improving Industrial Machines and Equipment

Our Services including Digital Electronics in Brisbane, Australia

Napkin To Prototype offers a wide variety of services to meet our customers' needs. With our qualified team, you can count on expert advice and guidance on finding the optimal solution that is right for you.


Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

-Digital Electronics in Queensland, Australia
-Complete design and manufacture of working prototypes, or any part thereof.
-Electronic design,circuit board design and fabrication.
-Program codes for microprocessors to run your ideas. sensor reading, data conversion, data display, output contol.
-Machining, lathe work, milling and cnc milling
-All forms of welding
-Plastic work, small part plastic injection moulding
-Composites, plug, mold and part fabrication
-Motion control, combining electronic control over mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.
-Manufacture of one off engine monitoring and control hardware and software for industry or motor racing.
-Manufacture of one off monitoring and control of systems on marine based platforms from oil drilling platforms way down to engine control of your ski boat!
-Small part design and fabrication including yacht and classic car parts

-Any type of canvas for yachts and boats. Trampolines, Sail Bags, Awnings and Biminis.
-Troubleshooting existing machinery. Large or small
-One off fabrication of parts for race and off road vehicles
-One off fabrication of marine equipment
-One off fabrication of parts for antique and classic autos and cars

-Have your own company and want some help in designing a new machine or product? No problems!  I will comunicate with your guys and work out what is needed. Perhaps they can build the machine but cant do the machine control, we can help. Perhaps they just want someone to give their design the once over to check the math and practicalities. no problem. Perhaps you already have someone picked out to design and build a project and want a third party to check out their proposal. We consult.

What do we not do:
-We do not write smart phone apps, we do not write computer programs per se, we will however write them as part of software for the larger project.
-We do not make weapons.
-We do not make unethical eqpuiptment (eg spying equipment)
-We do not make medical equiptment that uses any form of electronics.
-We do not make high tech electronics ie phones,cameras, tablets etc


Contact us today - our staff is looking forward to working with you!

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